We implement innovative digital products



We are committed to helping companies,

to innovate as fast as the leading international innovators,

with the use of a risk-minimizing methodology,

and with an agile development approach.



Release early. Release often.

Your product contains many assumptions about its benefit. Deliver a product with minimal effort to get feedback. Minimize your risk.

Let a team innovate

Nobody can do a revolution alone. Let a great team get to work. On an idea. On a problem. Don’t limit their potential by defining the solution.

Learn fast

The faster your digital product improves, the better. Measure how it is used. Learn fast from feedback. Improve your product right away. 

Rethink your business

Digitalisation is about new products, new business models, new ways to cooperate, new ways of value-creation. A chance to radically innovate.

Marketing matters

Your digital product will be new. How will customers – existing and potential – learn about it? This job is harder than you may expect.



We have the right compentences to deliver successful projects.

Get ideas or feedback for your product ideas

We help you come up digital product concepts or help to do a ‘sanity check’ on ideas you have already.

Define the Development Scope

We help you to define and to prioritize the main tasks for the developers to ensure you get the most value for your invest.

Test ideas with minimum investment

We help to define what the Minimum Viable Product should be and how much it would cost to test your idea.

Project management

We make sure that the target will be reached. Any input will be processed and you are always up to date for the project status.

Digital Product

Development Workshop

What we will achieve:

  • Filitering of ideas for digital products.
  • Definition of the value proposition  and tests for user acceptance.
  • Definition of the minimum viable product to start the product development.
  • Concept maps, user stories, sketches.


Lean product development

Focus on the main revenue generator.


Lean Leadership

Ensure to harness the power of the whole team.


SCRUM and Agile Development

Deliver fast and learn from failures early.


Continous Delivery

Get the new features continously out to the customers.


Business Model Generation


Proof ideas and optimize fast.


New Product Development Projects

From Rapid Prototypes to large-scale production.


11 Countries

We are globally known for our implementation expertise.


Our competence

We cover it end-to-end: from idea to GoLive.







Agile Software Development



Here’s a sample of our implemented expertise

TB Guide

is a portal with plenty of health information and lists 60.000 health professionals. To help users identify the right information, a specialised search-engine from Exorbyte has been implemented.


Ingasol provides project management and product advice because it possesses a deep understanding of the technical components and the business.


The portal is run by TVG-Verlag. Thinslices is responsible for the agile development.


is a white-label solution for arranging online-appointments between service-providers and visitors of a portal. Cal24 has been specifically designed to be used by Portals as a white-label solution. The solution can be easily integrated.


Ingasol provides the product owner in the agile product development. Thinslices is responsible for the scalable, cloud-based technical architecture and takes care for the software develoment.


is a platform for Swiss Doctors and official partner of numerous Swiss doctor associations.


Doc24 has been developed by Ingasol from the first concept through the entire agile development process. Since its inception the portal has enjoyed continuous double-digit organic growth quartal by quartal.


The portal has been developed in agile development by our partner Thinslices.



Our clients are happy and we’re bragging about it here

 „Thank you for conducting the workshop!

It was a great contribution to make our Technology Forum successful!“


Dr. Reinhold Achatz

Head of Corporate Function Technology, Innovation & Sustainability, ThyssenKrupp


"Ingasol has supported us with strategy development for a cloud-service and in web-projects. We have benefitted greatly from

Ingasol’s advice and ability to execute web projects. They know

which technologies to use, focus on the users

and also master the design."




Siegfried Wagner 

Managing Director, IN GmbH 

"It was a lot of fun to work with you. I have seldom experienced such a good and fast cooperation with an external partner."


Fabian Wesemann

Co-Founder & Group CFO


"At Ingasol we find a set of expertise that is perfect for our portal: technology, usability, online marketing and product strategy. We have to deal with one supplier – Ingasol organises the rest. Trustworthy. Reliably. The result: our online portal with several thousand doctors grows and grows."




Heide Fischer 

Managing Director, Solnar GmbH 


App Development @ ThyssenKrupp Technology Forum

How can ThyssenKrupp master the digitalization?

In the quest for answers to this question, ThyssenKrupp gathered its top innovation managers and digital innovators at its campus in Essen with the purpose of learning and sharing insights. Thinslices was asked to conduct an App Development Workshop for ThyssenKrupp’s top innovation managers. We held two workshop sessions with the same content but different audience members. To our delight, we had the pleasure of meeting top managers with eager interest, ideas, and a hands-on mentality.


When we received the request from ThyssenKrupp to hold a hands-on app-development workshop at ThyssenKrupp, we were more than curious. ThyssenKrupp has a legendary tradition and its roots can be traced back to Krupp’s founding in 1811. Krupp is also known for its company culture that made employees “Kruppianers”. The latter were asked to adhere to strong ethical principles (laid in the corporate regulative from 1872) and received numerous social benefits including health insurance and a company pension.

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